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Updating Templates 27-04-2023

We are pleased to announce that all templates available on the Joomla platform have been updated to the latest version 4.3.

This is an important achievement because this update introduces many new features, improvements, and security fixes, which translate into even better performance and stability for websites based on Joomla.

Thanks to the update to Joomla 4.3, template users will be able to enjoy new possibilities that will greatly facilitate website management and customization. The introduced changes will also increase the security and stability of websites, which is particularly important in the era of constant threats from cybercriminals.

If you are a user of templates available on Joomla, we encourage you to download and install the update to enjoy all the benefits that come with the latest version of the platform. This way, you will be able to use the latest features and ensure the security and stability of your website.

The update to Joomla 4.3 is another step towards even better and more advanced solutions for your website. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest version of the platform and adapting your website to new challenges.