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Joomla 5.0 Release Candidate: A Comprehensive Guide

The Joomla Project has recently unveiled the Release Candidate for its much-anticipated 5.0 version.

This significant update promises a range of new features, compatibility improvements, and optimizations. However, it's crucial to understand that this release is not yet ready for production environments. Instead, it serves as a basis for developers to test their extensions and for users to preview the upcoming features.

What Is the Purpose of the Release Candidate?

The primary objectives of releasing a candidate version are twofold:

  1. For Developers: It provides an opportunity to test extensions, ensuring they work seamlessly with the new version. Any bugs or issues can be reported well ahead of the final release.

  2. For Users: The Release Candidate offers a sneak peek into the new features, improvements, and optimizations that Joomla 5.0 will bring.

What This Release Is NOT For

While the Release Candidate teases what’s to come, it’s not intended for use on live, production websites. The focus is strictly on testing and bug fixing.

Key Features in Joomla 5.0 Release Candidate

  • Speed Improvements: The new version boasts speed gains achieved through automatic source code optimization.

  • Administrator Dark Mode: This feature has received several enhancements, making for a more comfortable administrative experience.

  • PHP 8+ Compatibility: Joomla 5.0 is fully compatible with PHP 8 and above, ensuring that it aligns with the latest web technologies.

  • Bootstrap and Codemirror Updates: The update includes the latest versions of Bootstrap and Codemirror, offering a more robust and modern user experience.

Future Plans for Joomla 5.0

The Joomla team has outlined several milestones leading up to the final release, including additional Alpha and Beta versions.

The final release is scheduled for October 17, 2023.

They also have a list of projects and enhancements that could become part of Joomla 5.0 if they are ready by the time the Beta version is released. These include updates to system requirements like PHP 8.1 & MySQL 8.0.13+ support, along with heavy code cleanups.

How You Can Contribute

Community participation is encouraged. You can help by:

  • Testing the release and reporting bugs.
  • Contributing to documentation.
  • Engaging in community discussions about feature development.


The Joomla 5.0 Release Candidate serves as an exciting preview of what's to come in the platform's next major release. With a focus on modernization, speed, and a more robust set of features, Joomla 5.0 aims to elevate your web development experience. While it's not yet ready for production use, the Release Candidate offers a valuable opportunity for testing and community feedback.

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