SP Page Builder

Screenshot showcasing the new image shapes and effects feature in SP Page Builder v5.2.8

Exploring New Features in SP Page Builder v5.2.8: Enhancements for Joomla Websites

SP Page Builder v5.2.8 has recently launched, introducing a suite of new features and improvements that significantly

Screenshot of SP Page Builder v5.2.6 highlighting the new nested row settings option and the expandable code editor feature, showcasing the user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality."

SP Page Builder v5.2.6: A Comprehensive Overview of New Features and Fixes

SP Page Builder v5.2.6 has rolled out, bringing several exciting features and crucial fixes to enhance your web development experience

SP Page Builder v5.1.9 update features and enhancements

SP Page Builder v5.1.9: Enhanced Permissions & Improved Editing Features

The latest update of SP Page Builder, version 5.1.9, brings a suite of exciting new features and enhancements, elevating the user experience to a new level.

SP Page Builder v5.1.4 Update Interface showcasing new features and enhancements

SP Page Builder v5.1.4

It's update'o'clock for SP Page Builder users! Your favorite SP Page Builder just got even better with the release of v5.1.4

SP Page Builder v5.1.0 Update Features including EasyStore integration and new addons

SP Page Builder v5.1.0: Seamless Integration with EasyStore and New Addons Unveiled

SP Page Builder, your trusted Joomla website builder, is unveiling an exciting update—version 5.1.0.

Changelog highlights of SP Page Builder v5.0.10 featuring new tools for legacy content migration and an enhanced Article Scroller addon.

Unlocking New Features with SP Page Builder v5.0.10

Good day SP Page Builder users! We're back with another update, featuring several enhancements and fixes

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