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Screenshot of SP Page Builder v5.2.6 highlighting the new nested row settings option and the expandable code editor feature, showcasing the user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality."

SP Page Builder v5.2.6: A Comprehensive Overview of New Features and Fixes

SP Page Builder v5.2.6 has rolled out, bringing several exciting features and crucial fixes to enhance your web development experience

. This update, significant for Joomla users, focuses on improving functionality, user-friendliness, and addressing key issues reported by the community.

Key Features of SP Page Builder v5.2.6

  1. Nested Row's Settings in Frontend Editor:

    • Enhanced User Experience: The update introduces a user-friendly way to access nested row settings directly from the frontend editor.
    • Streamlined Customization: This feature enables effortless customization of each row's settings, adding convenience to your page-building process.
  2. Expandible Code Editor:

    • Space and Comfort for Coders: The new expandable code editor, available in both frontend and backend editors, provides ample space for coding.
    • Supports Raw HTML and Custom CSS: Ideal for those who work with Raw HTML addons and Custom CSS, this feature ensures a seamless coding experience.
  3. Improved Addon Pasting Capability:

    • Ease of Content Management: Easily paste copied addons into an empty Column, Row, or Div addon, significantly simplifying content arrangement.

Notable Fixes in the Update

  • Nested Row and Column Duplication Issue: Resolved issues with duplicating columns and nested rows in the presence of tab or accordion addons.
  • Flip Box and Flip Box Pro Addons: Fixed the flip issue on mobile devices, ensuring smooth and responsive functionality.

Enhanced SEO and Accessibility

The update also brings improvements in SEO and accessibility for the Image addon, aligning with current web standards and ensuring your content reaches a wider audience.

Why Update?

Updating to SP Page Builder v5.2.6 not only gives you access to these new features and fixes but also contributes to the ongoing refinement of the platform. Your feedback is invaluable in this process, helping to shape future updates and enhancements.


Q: What is SP Page Builder v5.2.6? A: It's the latest update of the SP Page Builder, a popular Joomla page builder, introducing new features and fixes for a better web development experience.

Q: What are the key new features in this update? A: Key features include nested row settings in the frontend editor, an expandible code editor, and improved addon pasting capabilities.

Q: Are there any significant fixes in this update? A: Yes, the update fixes issues like nested row and column duplication and the flip issue in Flip Box and Flip Box Pro addons.

Q: Why should I update to this version? A: Updating ensures you have the latest features and fixes, contributing to a smoother and more efficient web development process.

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