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UPDATED ON :   23-05-2024
JOOMLA: 5.1.0
PHP :  8.3.6



After a great vacation, this day has come, the day of returning to school so disliked by students, on this very day we publish a Joomla template for schools, middle schools and universities.

DD SCHOOLDAY 117 was designed according to the latest design standards, it was built on the modern Helix Ultimate framework, but that's not all, Joomla has been installed with SP Page Builder, a page builder in the PRO version, the operation of which is based on the principle of add and save.

You don't have to know any coding skills, and you will still be able to create sections and blocks, add movies, graphics, change colors and use 50 ready-made add-ons, such as Slideshow.

Main Features

  • Compatible with IE10+, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome

  • SP Page Builder Premium Version

  • Visual page builder

  • Support responsive layout

  • Helix Ultimate Framework

  • Support various Font Family as well as Google Fonts

  • Support many styles for RESPONSIVE Menu: Mega Menu and Off Canves menu

  • Allow to set JavaScript for Menus, set start/end level and Keep on top

  • Support many extensions

  • Social integrated

  • Typography and various module variations

  • Use Lazy Load for handling large images

  • HTML5 Validation

  • Support SHORTCODES

  • Support LESSCSS

  • 100% table-less design, based on CSS3

  • Optimize CSS/JS/HTML/Merge File


DD SCHOOLDAY 117 Template Package
Use this package to install on your current site

QuickStart Installation Package
This package includes template, modules, plugins and sample data. By using this package, you will have a complete site look like demo site.

Extension Packages
Modules and plugins used for the demo.