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The website is a free online multi-tool platform

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The website is a free online multi-tool platform that provides a range of

utilities for different purposes. As per its name, it's a "single destination for all your needs" where you can perform various tasks from social media to conversions, convert PDFs and images, and more using just a single tool​​. The website is divided into different categories, each comprising a set of tools:

Image: This category includes tools for converting images among various formats (WEBP to JPG, PNG to JPG, PNG to SVG, JPG to PNG, JPG to SVG, SVG to PNG), cropping images, converting an image to BASE64 format and vice versa, compressing images, inverting image colors, and converting an image to black and white​​.

PDF: Tools under this category allow you to protect a PDF file with a password, unlock a password-protected PDF, merge multiple PDFs into one, preview a PDF's metadata online, and convert JPG images into a PDF​3.

Social Media: This section includes tools such as a thumbnail grabber for YouTube videos, a tweet generator for creating believable fake tweets, a line sticker downloader, an Instagram post generator, a feature to view trending videos on YouTube worldwide, and a YouTube tags extractor​.

Text & Lists: Tools here include a bionic reading converter, character counter, unicode to Krutidev converter and vice versa, text to handwriting tool, random object generator, numbers to words converter, credit card number generator (for testing purposes only), text to image converter, list randomizer, list reverser, password generator, text repeater, and an IP to binary converter​5.

Encryption: This category hosts a variety of encryption and decryption tools for Base64, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, AES, DES, and RIPEMD160. It also includes tools for encoding and decoding URLs and HTML​​.

Besides these, there are also categories for "Web" and "Others" that offer tools for CSS, HTML, and JS beautification, JSON to XML conversion, JSON minification and beautification, HEX/RGB conversion, terms and privacy policy generation, file corruption, QR code generation, random IP generation, and a webcam test​​.

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