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CSS.gg: A Collection of Stylish Icons Created with Pure CSS

CSS.gg: A Collection of Stylish Icons Created with Pure CSS

CSS.gg is a collection of free icons created using pure CSS. It provides a tool for designers

and developers to easily add stylish icons to web projects without the need for image files.

CSS.gg offers a wide range of icons that can be used in various contexts. You can find icons for social media, programming tools, user interface elements, and much more. Each icon is created using only CSS, which means there's no need to download additional graphic files.

The CSS.gg collection is easy to use. You can copy the CSS code of an icon directly from the website and add it to your project. Each icon is represented as a CSS class, allowing you to style them, change their size, color, and other properties using standard CSS rules.

One notable feature of CSS.gg is its simplicity and lightweight nature. Since the icons are created using pure CSS, they are very small in size, resulting in fast page loading times. You don't have to worry about additional network requests related to downloading image files.

CSS.gg is a great tool for designers and developers looking for an easy way to add stylish icons to their projects. With its rich collection and user-friendly approach, CSS.gg simplifies the process of creating appealing user interfaces.

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