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Grid Attack is an educational platform for web designers who are keen to master the CSS

Grid layout system. From the same creators of the much-acclaimed Flexbox Adventure, this interactive course offers 80 real-world challenges to help you understand and master the grid layout, arguably one of the most revolutionary tools in web design today.


Real-World Scenarios

One of the highlights of GRID ATTACK is the 80 interactive challenges that mimic real-world grid layout issues. These challenges range from beginner to advanced, allowing web designers to scale their learning curve in a systematic way.

Quality Instruction

If you were impressed by the comprehensive approach of Flexbox Adventure, you'd find the same level of quality and insight in GRID ATTACK. These aren't just arbitrary exercises but carefully crafted problems that you would encounter in day-to-day web design tasks.

Not Free, But Worth It

Although not a free resource, the investment in GRID ATTACK can be justified by the high-level skills you acquire, which are increasingly demanded in the job market. If you're aiming to be at the top of your web design game, this course is an excellent step forward.

The Importance of Learning CSS Grid

Revolutionizing Web Design

Before the advent of tools like CSS Grid and Flexbox, web designers had a more limited set of tools to accomplish complex layouts. CSS Grid, in particular, offers a whole new level of flexibility and control, making it a must-learn for anyone serious about web design.

Browser Support

With growing browser support, learning the CSS Grid layout is more practical than ever. Modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari fully support it, making it easier for designers to implement complex layouts without worrying about compatibility issues.


Whether you're a seasoned web designer or a newbie, GRID ATTACK can help you elevate your skills in CSS Grid layout. Its interactive, real-world challenges provide an engaging learning experience, setting you apart in the increasingly competitive field of web design. While it's not free, the ROI in terms of job prospects and advanced skill acquisition cannot be overstated. It’s time to master the future of web layouts, and GRID ATTACK is your perfect training ground.

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