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ShortPixel - Fast and Easy Image Compression for Website Optimization


ShortPixel is an online tool for compressing images that allows for quick and easy optimization

of images on a website. Image optimization is crucial for website loading speed, which affects user experience and website ranking in search engines.

ShortPixel offers various compression modes that allow for selecting the best image quality at the smallest file size. Additionally, the tool automatically resizes images when they are loaded on the website, which also contributes to improving the loading speed of the page.

It is also worth noting that ShortPixel enables conversion of images into different formats, such as WebP or AVIF, which are more optimized for loading speed compared to traditional formats such as JPG or PNG.

ShortPixel offers both free and paid plans, which differ in the number of images that can be compressed and functionalities such as uploading images via FTP or resizing images.

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