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Screenshot of Vectorpea interface showing AI file editing capabilities.

Vectorpea: Free AI, SVG, & PDF Vector Graphics Editor

Vectorpea is an innovative online vector graphics editor designed to facilitate easy manipulation of AI, SVG, and PDF files.

As a free tool, it stands out by providing robust functionality for vector graphics, embracing various file formats, including Adobe Illustrator's AI files. Originating from the creators of Photopea, Vectorpea is poised to emulate the success of its predecessor, which has garnered acclaim for replicating many of Adobe Photoshop's features within a web browser. Mirroring the relationship between Adobe Illustrator and Photopea, Vectorpea presents a comparable suite of tools for vector graphics enthusiasts and professionals.

Although currently in its beta phase, indicating ongoing development and potential for expansion, Vectorpea already shows promise with its ability to handle industry-standard file types, a clear indication of its focus on compatibility and utility. Despite not being fully open-source, the platform encourages user engagement through bug reporting and feature requests, fostering a community-driven approach to its evolution.

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