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Event Gallery

Event Gallery is a Joomla 4 component that allows users to create and manage photo galleries for events.

It provides an easy-to-use interface for organizing and displaying images, and allows users to create multiple galleries, each with its own set of images. Some of the features of Event Gallery include the ability to upload images, create albums and sub-albums, add descriptions and tags to images, and display images in different layouts and styles. It also have capability to include comments, rating and have various access restrictions. Additionally, the component is built to work seamlessly with the Joomla 4 framework, making it easy to integrate with other extensions and templates. Event Gallery component for Joomla 4 may also provide the capability to integrate with webspace where images can be stored, like flickr, google Photos or Amazon S3, allowing users to pull images from those platforms into their Event Gallery. This feature provides a convenient way for users to manage their images from a central location and eliminates the need to upload images multiple times.

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