A screenshot showcasing the Joomla! Nivo Slider Image Module with multiple transition effects and thumbnail previews.

Elevate Your Joomla 5 Website with the Advanced Nivo Slider Image Module

The Joomla! Nivo Slider Image Module transforms website visuals with its advanced features and seamless integration.

This module, leveraging the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin, offers an exceptional image slider experience, perfect for modern websites.


Main Features:

  • 16 Transition Effects: Elevate visual engagement with a diverse range of animation styles.
  • Javascript and CSS Based: Ensures compatibility and speed, devoid of Flash.
  • Flexible Sorting: Organize images by name, modification date, or randomly.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Enhances user accessibility and interaction.
  • Customizable Themes: Tailor the appearance to suit your website’s aesthetic.
  • Thumbnail Previews: Offers a sneak peek into the image content.
  • Autoplay Slideshow: Engages visitors immediately upon their arrival.
  • Titles and Redirect Links: Enhance images with descriptive titles and actionable links, configurable via INI files.
  • Thumbnail Generation: Automatically creates thumbnails for a streamlined look.
  • Versatile Link Targeting: Choose how your links open - in the same, parent, or a new window, or the top frame.
  • Lightbox Integration: Compatible with various Joomla! lightbox extensions.
  • Cross-browser Functionality: Operates flawlessly across all modern browsers.

This module is not just a visual tool; it’s an enhancement to your website's user experience and interaction.

Demo Download: mod_ariimageslider.zip


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